Thursday, July 5, 2012

Quattro Media Inks 'Eden'

Quattro Media to globally release Eden by Rob Reuter
From the Editor

Last week, a deal was inked between Rob Reuter and Quattro Media for the publishing rights to Eden, which is Rob's first book in the Jack Dunn action-adventure series.  Quattro Media specializes in publishing novels which platform into films and games.

The story starts as Jack Dunn and his team from the National Antiquities Foundation (NAF) are brought in to retrieve lost and stolen ancient artifacts for the re-opening of the Iraqi National Museum.

As an aejej slowly billows and vanishes against the stark landscape, the sultry, dry, desert calm of Bagdad is broken when the museum is suddenly rocked by a presumed terrorist attack.  Some rare cuneiform artifacts are stolen, and Jack finds himself in a web of death and destruction as he tracks the thieves through Iraq.  
The investigation turns ugly under the watchful eye of a paramilitary group contracted to provide security.  Having to outwit trained military professionals to uncover the truth, Jack Dunn and his trusted friends are plunged into the dark world of guns-for-hire, unknowingly finding themselves in the path of a madman searching for the legendary lost land of Eden and the fabled Tree of Life.
Outgunned and outnumbered, it's a race against time to uncover the truth behind Eden and to destroy it before it's too late! 


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