Monday, April 23, 2012

First Look Deal with Quattro Media

Manuscript Editing Solutions, LLC

Here is what Paul Elliott, who has five published plays in the last five years, two world premieres and three productions scheduled for 2012, says about Alan Brown and Manuscript Editing Solutions --
"In all my years of writing for television, commercials, and theater, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone as tuned in to the creative process as Alan Brown. As an editor, he is a joy to work with because he respects your work, and understands exactly what you are trying to achieve. With his expertise on your side, your chances of seeing your project move forward are much, much greater.”

MES offers a unique service to writers because we have actual work experience in story development in the entertainment and publishing industry. Let Manuscript Editing Solutions (MES) help you. We have worked as editors and consultants to some of the most renowned literary agents and writers in the industry. Having spent thirty years working in storytelling, we know what the film industry and the publishers are looking for. We are different from other editing services because we help our clients craft their stories into marketable intellectual properties. We have also been successful in helping our clients secure representation.
MES is an editorial service designed to deliver to the writer a manuscript formatted and edited for agency and publisher submission. Through regular phone discussions with the editor, and manuscript change suggestions by email, MES aims to make book editing a valuable experience for the fiction writer. Our editors suggest changes that focus on story editing. We analyze characters, character arc, balance of characters, descriptive, setting, tempo, point of view, and plot points.
A First Look Deal with Publisher, Quattro Media on the eve of Devil's Bait widely awaited release! Check out Devil's Bait tomorrow on Amazon:

We are pleased to announce we have entered into 'A First Look Arrangement' for novels edited by Manuscript Editing Solutions with Quattro Media in behalf of our writers. Quattro has three publishing imprints: Madness Books, Malevolent Books, and Tinsel Road Books which may be viewed on the web:

Madness Books:
Malevolent Books:
Tinsel Road Books:

Quattro Media's newest book is the thriller DEVIL’S BAIT by JEFFREY MARIOTTE which will be available everywhere books are sold on May 1st.
"Jeff Mariotte has written a compelling heroine in banker Jessie Dawn Cutler, whose well-ordered world implodes when she witnesses a cold-blooded killing by her biggest client. Now Jessie must pit her courage and resourcefulness against a remorseless killer whose reach is limitless. In this heart-pounding thriller set against the glittering backdrop of international banking, Jessie must hold her own against tremendous odds to survive."

"Fast-paced and gripping, THE DEVIL’S BAIT takes you full-throttle from beginning to end. One heck of a ride!"

—J. Carson Black, bestselling author of DARKNESS ON THE EDGE OF TOWN and THE SHOP

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What people have said about Manuscript Editing Solutions... “I would highly recommend Alan Brown and Manuscript Editing Solutions for your manuscripts. Before you submit to a literary agent it is essential that your book be in superior editorial shape with a clear plot, subplots, character development, action, tone, climax, and an emotional connection for your readers. Alan is highly experienced in all of these editorials area and he also brings with him the added experience of working on film scripts, developing story ideas for writers and excellent editorial work with writers.

Jan Kardys, Literary Agent, Black Hawk Literary Agency, Chairman, Unicorn Writers' Conference” September 7, 2011

"When I began working with Alan, my expectation was that he would clean up a few of the static mistakes in my manuscript and make it ready for a publisher. But Alan did so much more. He gave me a new bag of tools that transformed my writing forever. His suggestions were invaluable. Through his expertise I enriched the personalities of my characters, intensified the plot points of my novel, and polished the sharp edges of what was once a rough manuscript. His gentle, hand-holding technique leaves a new writer feeling as if she is not all alone in the cold world of publishing. Thank you, Alan, for bringing out the confident author that was inside of me. I will forever be grateful."
-Jacquelyn Tripp Lewis, North Louisiana Regional Editor, The Minute Magazine, LLC.

"Words cannot express your imaginative side. You are not just an excellent editor, but a caring, devoted, and patient one."
-Mamet, author of Hush Ma

“I've often heard the saying: "Novelists make Literature, Playwrights make Art, Screenwriters make Entertainment and TV Writers make Furniture." Though I am third on this list, I can honestly say that Alan Brown's keen eye and gentle touch guided my through the perilous world of screenwriting and on to a higher level of writing. Alan has an innate gift that he earnestly shares with detail, insight and patience; I am a better story-teller for it. He has changed my life as a filmmaker, and I am grateful for the time well spent with him through two complex screenplays. My only regret is that I did not audio-record our many, many, many script-conferences -- for there are tidbits of precepts, theory and tenets of his own that I use and repeat to myself each day; then there are those that I cannot recall at all. They don't make "them" like this anymore!” August 31, 2011
Frank S Petrilli, Director/Screenwriter/Story Development, Hurricane Development, LLC worked with Alan at Independent Film

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